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Student Activities


PNN News Team

Each morning Bassette has a student run morning news team called Panda News Network.
Students host, anchor, make special announcements, read today's weather, and run the camera from the studio.

The live news feed is broadcast to the television in every classroom!

These students are responsible and trustworthy. They are role models and an important part of daily life at Bassette.

They help us get our day started right each day!




All fifth grade students at Bassette participate in Chorus. Mr. Mac works with and prepares these students for performances throughout the year.

Students sing, learn rhythms, and have the opportunity to show off their skills to fellow students, parents, and the community.



Safety Patrols

Safety patrols help keep our school safe everyday. Made up of fourth and fifth grade students, the safety patrols help ensure the safety of students as they arrive for school.

Being a safety patrol provides students an opportunity to grow and demonstrate leadership, responsibility and trustworthiness.